Here at The Analytics Store we have been big fans of the What’s the Point? podcast from fivethirtyeight for a long time. We’re big fans of the broad coverage of data analytics and what people do with it, rather than a narrow focus on details of data analytics techniques. Since hearing that (as they said themselves) fivethirtyeight are sunsetting the WTP podcast we’ve had a heavy heart. We’ll miss seeing a new episode arrive in our podcasting feed each week or so and the sense of surprise at the subjects they chose to cover – dog shows, classical music, the scientist who stung himself with lots of insects and baseball are just some of our favourite topics. Their final episode is well worth listening to as they remember some of the best episodes and reflect on how the use of data has changed since the podcast started.

With the sun setting on What’s the Point? we thought it would be interesting to list some of our other favourite data-related podcasts. So here goes:

  • Data Stories by Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner is a really nice production. They tend to do relatively long (about an hour) interviews with people involved in data analytics in general, and data visualisation in particular. the recent episodes on the Dear Data project and indexical visualizations are nice example episodes that give a good flavour of what the podcast is like.
  • Linear Digressions (supported by Udacity) features shorter episodes (about 15 minutes), each one usually covering a core idea in data analytics. The short episodes only allow an introduction to each topic but it is a nice way to develop awareness of a wide breadth of techniques. Sometimes the delivery can be a little jaunty for my tastes but it is well done and the hosts, Katie and Ben, do a nice job of introducing key topics in data analytics. The episodes on the cold start problem or recurrent neural networks are nice entry points to this podcast.
  • Talking Machines focuses on machine learning and each episode usually has a meaty discussion about very specific techniques and interviews with leading lights in the field. We often find we need to read up from the associated reading list to get the most out of the Talking Machines episodes. This episode from last year featuring Kevin Murphy (whose book we really like) is a nice one to dip into to try out this podcast.

Along with What’s the Point? these are the three data science podcasts that fill up our feed. Other people have recommended Partially Derivative, The Data Skeptic, and Learning Machines 101 to us but for one reason or another they just haven’t stuck. If there are other podcasts that you’d recommend we’d be delighted to hear about them on @analyticsstore or