The Analytics Store is an Irish consultancy and training firm that dares companies to discover the insights that are hidden in the data they collect about their customers, themselves and even their competitors. Using this insight companies can add quantified costs, benefits and risks to their decision making, leading to better business outcomes. The Analytics Store was founded by Aoife D’Arcy and Brian Mac Namee in 2009. Since opening we have helped companies use analytics to create measurable value across the banking, insurance, telecoms, retail, software and manufacturing sectors.

Our unique approach is based on the belief that, to maximise the potential of analytics, companies need to develop their own in-house analytics capabilities. We help companies to knit analytics into the fabric of their internal decision-making. This involves working with companies to discover how they can best benefit from analytics, and then delivering the right mix of consultancy, training and mentoring to achieve this.

Our Team

Managing Director

Working with major national and international companies in banking, finance, insurance, gaming and manufacturing, Aoife has developed particular expertise in customer insight analytics, fraud analytics, and risk analytics.
Aoife’s passionate belief in the importance of developing in-house analytics talent in organisations underlies the design and delivery of her training courses.
Degrees in statistics, computer science, and financial & industrial mathematics add academic rigour to all of Aoife’s work.

Director of Training

Dr. Brian Mac Namee, Director of Training at the Analytics Store, has over 14 years experience in analytics lecturing, training, and consultancy.
With particular expertise in analytics fundamentals Dr. Mac Namee has delivered analytics training nationally and internationally for large organisations.
In addition Dr Mac Namee manages a group of researchers focusing on analytics and regularly presents and publishes both nationally and internationally on their work.

Head of Operations

Nina joined The Analytics Store in 2014 to manage all aspects of the business operations. Nina ensures the smooth running of the company’s day-to-day organisational needs, including Sales, Marketing, Training, Finance and Administration. Prior to working with The Analytics Store, Nina worked in HP for 14 years and had risen to the position of Head of their Customer Support Operations.

Our Clients

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