The Analytics Store provides a dedicated consultancy service that allows organisations like yours to effectively use business insights extracted from their data. We can dove-tail this consultancy with our mentoring service to ensure that the delivery of the solution is integrated into your business decisions on an on-going basis.

Our contracts are focused on achieving the best results for our clients and can last from a week to a year depending on the scale of the work required. The size of The Analytics Store means that we are highly flexible. This, coupled with our high level of dedication, means that we always deliver.

Explore the sections below to find out more about the consultancy work we do at The Analytics Store, review the case studies on our client page, or contact us to discuss the requirements of your project:

What We Do

When organisations first become aware of the potential of data analytics, it can be difficult for them to know how best to start applying analytics techniques for maximum effect. Our Analytics Kickstart offering helps organisations gain maximum return from early data analytics efforts, and so build a solid basis from which to spread data-driven decision making to every aspect of an organisation. The Analytics Kickstart has two components: an analytics audit and the development of an analytics roadmap.

In an analytics audit our experienced consultants work with you to determine the capacity of your organisation to utilise analytics. An analytics audit covers:

  • An audit of data quality, data structures and data collection mechanisms
  • An audit of capacity to perform analytics
  • An audit of capacity to use analytics

Based on the outputs of the analytics audit we will work with your organisation to define a roadmap that outlines to the path to becoming true analytical competitor. The analytics roadmap includes:

  • A detailed analytics strategy and implementation plan
  • Software and systems requirements specifications
  • A tailored analytics team blueprint
  • A focused analytics training plan
Setting up an analytics function within an organisation requires detailing the different skill sets required, making appropriate top-quality hires and moulding this new capability into an effective analytics team. At The Analytics Store we work with organisations to establish new analytics teams and to mentor these teams through their first analytics projects.

This work typically involves:

  • Team Building: Based on the team blueprint developed during a road-mapping exercise we will work with your organisation to set up and train your new analytics team.
  • First Analytics Project: The Analytics Store consultants will work with the newly established analytics team to perform a first analytics project. This will act as on-the-job training for the new team and help to iron out any difficulties likely to arise, for example, in relation to data access or communications within the organisation.
  • Mentoring: Over an agreed period of time The Analytics Store consultants will provide on-going support to ensure that your organisation remains on the agreed analytics roadmap and takes maximum benefit from emerging analytics opportunities.
Sometimes an organisation just needs to get an analytics project done. The Analytics Store can undertake complete analytics projects for your organisation, or simply provide expertise to your analytics team for a single project.

When undertaking a complete analytics project, our experienced consultants will work with your organisation to define the project scope, taking the specific characteristics of your organisation into account; deliver state-of-the-art, effective models that add value to your business processes; deploy these models so that they integrate with existing systems; and provide on-going model validation and updates. The expertise of our consultants covers customer segmentation to credit scoring, and just about everything in between, and our project managers are experts in delivering analytics projects on time and on budget.

For smaller requirements  where an organisation has a working analytics team in place, but simply needs extra resources for an upcoming project, The Analytics Store can provide temporary expertise in everything from data cleaning and collection through to advanced model development. Our consultants all work at a senior level and provide value to your organisation from day 1.

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