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Irish Times Could Improve Communication by Using Better Visualisation

Reading The Irish Times online this morning we were pleased to see evidence being displayed to support the contention “Economy ‘vulnerable’ due to reliance on few multinationals”.  Data from the OECD, CSO, Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, and Eurostat were visualised to illustrate some of the points being made.  The problem was, we weren’t [...]

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Series: Making It Happen – Moving From Strategy to Implementation 1. Post 3 of 5.

  Series Title: How to Foster a Data-Driven Business Culture Welcome to the third blog in our series on fostering a data-driven business culture.  To help you, the person who has to actually build the culture, we’ve brought together our hard-won lessons from decades of experience in growing analytics functions. What does is it really [...]

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Why there’s no explicit corpus builder in NLTK – and how to create your own corpus

We’ve been designing a new Natural Language Processing course recently, which we will be delivering in our Masters Series over the coming months. The Irish court system provides transcripts of its proceedings online at and we used it as the corpus for our analysis.  Some really interesting insights were uncovered – but that’s for [...]

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Series: Designing a Strong Data and Analytics Strategy. Post 2 of 5.

Welcome to the second post in our 5-part series on fostering a data-driven organisational culture. We’ve been helping organisations to create data-driven cultures for a few decades now so we’ve put together this series to help you to do the same.  Last week we examined the importance of getting business buy-in to the analytics process.  [...]

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Series: How to Foster a Data-Driven Organisational Culture. Post 1 of 5.

Welcome to 'How to Foster a Data-Driven Organisational Culture'. Post 1 of 5. Perhaps you’re someone who has been tasked with building an analytics function or starting an analytics project.  Maybe you’re already an analytics champion but you’re struggling to weave the value of analytics into the strategic decisions of the organisation.  If so, you’re [...]

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Meet the new SAS, same as the old SAS?

I was delighted to attend and present at SAS Forum UK 2017 in Birmingham yesterday. The event started with a vision of an IOT and analytics enabled future spread across a 15 metre wide screen and spanned two days full of talks, demos, discussions, competitions, awards, and pick 'n mix! One thing that stood out [...]

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New Generation Education: SAS Training That Just Works

Business Manager: So, the training went well for you? Data Analyst: Great. We did SAS code, segmentation, neural networks, everything. Business Manager: So which of our customers might we lose? Data Analyst: Well ... I didn't learn how to import our data. Sometimes it's difficult to take techniques you learn in a classroom setting and [...]

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2016 Budget Data Visualisations

Probably second only to elections, the budget is always a great time for dataviz nerds to hoover up charts, graphs, and infographics from the newspapers. At The Analytics Store we were a little disappointed at the number of charts present in yesterday's papers but still had a nice time looking through the different ways people [...]

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Annual Survey Results

Analytics and Big Data have been receiving a lot of press attention recently - ranging from attempts to describe and define them, to assessments of how organisations can monetise their data. Within an Irish context questions such as the following are being asked: How big is the average Irish analytics team? What industries in Ireland [...]

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