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Irish Data Analytics Landscape Survey 2014-2015

How big is the average Irish analytics team? What industries in Ireland are using analytics? Are companies in Ireland planning to expand their analytics teams in 2015? There are a number of worldwide or European surveys of the analytics industry that suggest the answers to these questions. For example: PwC's Global Data & Analytics Survey [...]

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The Irish Data Analytics / Big Data Landscape

In some work we have been doing recently we have been writing an overview of the Data Analytics / Big Data landscape in Ireland. Inspired by the Big Data Landscape diagrams by Dave Feinleib at we have been playing with doming something similar for the analytics industry in Ireland. Rather than focus on technologies, [...]

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Winter Is Coming … Maybe

I was recently at data analytics/big data conference at which someone celebrated the fact that data analytics was right at the top of the peak of overinflated expectations on the Gartner hype cycle and looked forward to moving over to the plateau of productivity.  This was worrying as it sort of missed the whole point [...]

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Analytics Is Storytelling and the Irish Should Be Best At It

Many writers have made the connection between analytics and storytelling before (for example see here, here and here). Hans Rosling's now legendary ted talks (available here) are a great example of this. Yes, Rosling does extensive, rigorous, creative and insightful analytics, but more importantly he presents his insights in novel, engaging and delightful ways. Hans, [...]

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Deep Learning

In a recent blog post (Big Data...Marketing Magic or the Real Deal) we asked whether or not the ‘Big Data’ movement actually meant anything really new for data analytics. Our final conclusion was that there is a real change going on in the tools and techniques that we are using to access and manipulate really [...]

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Defining Your Analytics Revolution – Part 3

In the last post we discussed the path from being an analytics impaired organisation to becoming an organisation with  analytical aspirations. In this post we will discuss the final steps to becoming an analytically driven organisation. Having made the journey to becoming an organisation with  analytical aspirations, at this stage there are fundamental changes occurring but [...]

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