CRISP-DM V’s Agile – The Face Off

I have been developing Advanced Analytics models for nearly 20 years, covering areas from Credit Risk to Customer Intelligence to Fraud Detection. Over that time, I have used the CRISP-DM project management framework time and time again and it has never failed me. In recent times I have worked with a number of clients who [...]

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Machine Learning for Data Enrichment

Most of the time when we talk about machine learning projects we talk about building predictive models that generate insights that directly help someone to make a decision - for example using churn prediction to identify the customers that a retention team should contact, using fraud detection to decide which cases to investigate, or using [...]

12 Days of Data Analytics: Day 5 – Prediction Means a Lot of Things

When writing our book, Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics (, we worked really hard to make the point that prediction can mean a lot of different things.  We defined a prediction as "the assignment of a value to any unknown variable". This is important because it is this broad definition of prediction [...]

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Irish Data Analytics Landscape Survey 2015 – 2016

How big is the average Irish analytics team? What industries in Ireland are using analytics? Are companies in Ireland planning to expand their analytics teams in 2016? And how has all this changed since 2015? In 2015 we released the first annual Irish Data Analytics Landscape Survey. The results of the survey offered up insights into [...]

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Defining Your Analytics Revolution – Part 3

In the last post we discussed the path from being an analytics impaired organisation to becoming an organisation with  analytical aspirations. In this post we will discuss the final steps to becoming an analytically driven organisation. Having made the journey to becoming an organisation with  analytical aspirations, at this stage there are fundamental changes occurring but [...]

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