12 Days of Data Analytics: Day 11 – Christmas Podcasts Ahoy

Here at The Analytics Store we have been big fans of the What's the Point? podcast from fivethirtyeight for a long time. We're big fans of the broad coverage of data analytics and what people do with it, rather than a narrow focus on details of data analytics techniques. Since hearing that (as they said [...]

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12 Days of Data Analytics: Day 10 – Form Vs. Function

Whenever we teach data visualization at some point a discussion arises where students ask should I put my time into making my visualization look nice, fancy, sophisticated, ... or should I focus on something simple that does the job? I always argue that something simple that does the job is the way to go. I often quote Jason [...]

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12 Days of Data Analytics: Day 8 – Pay Attention!

One of our favourite Christmas traditions is geeking out on the Royal Institution Christmas lectures in the days following Christmas (this year's lectures will be on BBC Four at 20:00 on 26th, 27th and 28th December). Previous lectures have focused on all kinds of interesting subjects including artificial intelligence, astrophysics, psychology, chemistry and animal behaviour [...]

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12 Days of Data Analytics: Day 6 – Stay Colour Safe

In a previous job at a large multi-national company I was developing a piece of software to visualise the internal workings of a machine learning solution developed to distinguish between good and bad parts on a production line. I had used a neat multi-dimensional visualisation solution based on a force directed layout that showed datasets [...]

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12 Days of Data Analytics: Day 4 – Show All of the Data and Only the Data

The image below is from an Apple keynote delivered by Steve Jobs. At this point in the keynote Jobs is talking about the iPhone and presents a graph of the marketshare of different smartphone manufacturers in the US. Take a minute to look a the chart. The blue share representing RIM is obviously the biggest [...]

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12 Days of Data Analytics: Day 2 – Avoid Colour Catastrophes

When creating data visualizations there is often a temptation to arrive at a very effective but slightly boring looking visualisation, and liberally sprinkle some colour on it in an effort to make it more interesting. We should not do this lightly! The way in which the human visual system perceives colour is complicated and at [...]

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2016 Budget Data Visualisations

Probably second only to elections, the budget is always a great time for dataviz nerds to hoover up charts, graphs, and infographics from the newspapers. At The Analytics Store we were a little disappointed at the number of charts present in yesterday's papers but still had a nice time looking through the different ways people [...]

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