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6 Nations Bonus Points: What does the data say?

In 2017 bonus points will be awarded for the first time in the 6 Nations rugby tournament. The motivation behind this is to encourage attacking rugby by rewarding teams (winning or losing) that score multiple tries and losing teams that stay close to their opponents. We wondered if this new system would have made a [...]

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Choosing a Predictive Analytics Platform

Embarking on a predictive analytics project involves lots of decisions - what business problem to address, what data to use, who to have on your team, etc. One important technology decision is which predictive modelling platform to use. A chart from our recent survey of data analytics practitioners, for example, shows the range of tools [...]

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Deep Learning

In a recent blog post (Big Data...Marketing Magic or the Real Deal) we asked whether or not the ‘Big Data’ movement actually meant anything really new for data analytics. Our final conclusion was that there is a real change going on in the tools and techniques that we are using to access and manipulate really [...]

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