Irish Times Could Improve Communication by Using Better Visualisation

Reading The Irish Times online this morning we were pleased to see evidence being displayed to support the contention “Economy ‘vulnerable’ due to reliance on few multinationals”.  Data from the OECD, CSO, Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, and Eurostat were visualised to illustrate some of the points being made.  The problem was, we weren’t [...]

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Series: Making It Happen – Moving From Strategy to Implementation 1. Post 3 of 5.

  Series Title: How to Foster a Data-Driven Business Culture Welcome to the third blog in our series on fostering a data-driven business culture.  To help you, the person who has to actually build the culture, we’ve brought together our hard-won lessons from decades of experience in growing analytics functions. What does is it really [...]

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Why there’s no explicit corpus builder in NLTK – and how to create your own corpus

We’ve been designing a new Natural Language Processing course recently, which we will be delivering in our Masters Series over the coming months. The Irish court system provides transcripts of its proceedings online at www.courts.ie and we used it as the corpus for our analysis.  Some really interesting insights were uncovered – but that’s for [...]

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Series: Designing a Strong Data and Analytics Strategy. Post 2 of 5.

Welcome to the second post in our 5-part series on fostering a data-driven organisational culture. We’ve been helping organisations to create data-driven cultures for a few decades now so we’ve put together this series to help you to do the same.  Last week we examined the importance of getting business buy-in to the analytics process.  [...]

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SAS Institute and The Analytics Store Join Forces to Work with Organizations to Build In-house Analytics Capabilities

LinkedIn’s recent analysis of the Global Top Skills of 2016 revealed that statistical analysis and data mining was the #2 most demanded skill by Irish employers last year. To meet this demand for analytics and data science talent, SAS Institute and The Analytics Store are joining forces to work with organizations who want to build [...]

Machine Learning for Data Enrichment

Most of the time when we talk about machine learning projects we talk about building predictive models that generate insights that directly help someone to make a decision - for example using churn prediction to identify the customers that a retention team should contact, using fraud detection to decide which cases to investigate, or using [...]

Choosing a Predictive Analytics Platform

Embarking on a predictive analytics project involves lots of decisions - what business problem to address, what data to use, who to have on your team, etc. One important technology decision is which predictive modelling platform to use. A chart from our recent survey of data analytics practitioners, for example, shows the range of tools [...]

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