The Analytics Store has had the pleasure of working with many organisations since 2009. We have worked with all kinds of data across a number of industries: Banking, Telco, Retail, Insurance and Public Sector. From projects on customer churn, to fraud detection, to credit risk, to cross sell and up sell and everything in between.

Case Studies

Marianne Lee is the Director of Analytics & Financial Planning at Trend Micro, and is based in Cork in Ireland. For some time Marianne had recognised that there was a need in the organisation to develop analytics skills within her technical team.

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The Analytics Store has been working with Trend Micro, based in Cork, since March 2014, delivering analytics training and mentoring. They work with Marianne Lee who is Director of Analytics & Financial Planning and is responsible for the European analytics team

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Accenture Ireland, through its Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre, has an in-house analytics team, which is constantly growing to meet customer demands. The Analytics Store work with Accenture as part of their analytics graduate training programme.

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