In the last post we discussed the path from being an analytics impaired organisation to becoming an organisation with  analytical aspirations. In this post we will discuss the final steps to becoming an analytically driven organisation.

Having made the journey to becoming an organisation with  analytical aspirations, at this stage there are fundamental changes occurring but to keep up the momentum and move to being an analytical company you must consider the following:

  • Focus on getting the foundations of your analytics strategy in place.
  • Start building on areas of weakness. Up to this point you have been making the best of the resources you had at your disposal. At this stage to need to upgrade the areas that are weak.
  • Assess all areas of the business that could benefit from analytical capabilities and plan with each area the part they will play in building an analytically driven organisation.
  • The Age of Enlightenment has arrived but is fragile and needs to be handled with care!

With a lot of hard work and really effective change in your organisation you have truly become an analytical company. The main change that you have will have noticed at this stage is:

  • The structures for becoming an analytically driven organisation are  beginning to take shape. The people, processes and systems are now all up to speed.
  • Joined-up data and joined-up thinking are now a reality.
  • The use of analytical insights in decision making processes is common place.
  • There is a clear understanding within the business of the business strategy and where analytics fits into it.

You have almost achieved your goal but becoming an analytically driven organisation will take one final push. At this stage you need to:

  • Be patient but persistent. Good things come to those who wait, becoming an analytical competitor takes time.
  • React to changes in the business environment in a measured, strategic manner – don’t lose focus.
  • Watch out for the moment when within the organsiation the idea of making decisions based on “gut feel” alone has been consigned to folklore, and celebrate it!

If you are somewhere along this journey I hope these articles might have helped, but hope even more that you are enjoying it. Viva the analytics revolution!