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/SAS Data Integration Studio: Fast Track

november, 2017

mon27novAll Daythu30SAS Data Integration Studio: Fast Track(All Day) New Horizons Ireland, Strand House, 22-24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1

Event Details

Title: SAS Data Integration Studio: Fast Track

Duration: 4 Days

Cost: €3,500

Overview: This course is a boot camp that covers the content of both SAS Data Integration Studio: Essentials and SAS Data Integration Studio: Additional Topics. It introduces and expands the knowledge of SAS Data Integration Studio and includes topics for registering sources and targets; creating and working with jobs; and working with transformations. This course also covers information on working with slowly changing dimensions, working with the Loop transformations, and defining new transformations.

Learn how to:

  • register source data and target tables
  • create jobs and explore the functionality of the job editor
  • work with many of the various transformations
  • work with slowly changing dimensions
  • work with Loop transformations
  • create new transformations
  • examine impact analysis
  • examine exporting and importing of metadata
  • establish checkpoints in job flow
  • deploy jobs for scheduling
  • deploy jobs as SAS Stored Processes.

Pre-requisites: Before attending this course, you should have experience with

  • SAS programming basics
  • SQL processing
  • the SAS macro facility.

You can gain this experience by completing the SAS Programming 1: EssentialsSAS SQL 1: Essentials, and SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials courses.

This course uses SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS Data Quality Solution, SAS Analytics Platform software.

Who: Data integration developers and data integration architects




  • exploring the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • introduction to the Data Management applications
  • introduction to the classroom environment and the course tasks

Working with Change Management


  • introduction to change management
  • establishing a change management environment (Self-Study)

Creating Metadata for Source Data


  • setting up the environment
  • registering source data metadata

Creating Metadata for Target Data


  • registering target data metadata
  • importing metadata

Creating Metadata for Jobs


  • introduction to jobs and the job editor
  • using the Join transformation

Orion Star Case Study


  • defining and loading the customer dimension table
  • defining and loading the organization dimension table
  • defining and loading the time dimension table

Additional Features for Jobs


  • importing SAS code
  • propagation and mapping
  • chaining jobs
  • performance statistics
  • metadata reports

Working with Transformations


  • using the extract and summary statistics transformations
  • exploring SQL transformations
  • establishing status handling
  • using the Data Validation transformation
  • using the Transpose, Sort, Append, Rank, and List Data transformations
  • using the Apply Lookup Standardization, Standardize with Definition and One-Way Frequency transformations(self-study)

Working with the Loop Transformations


  • introduction to the loop transformations
  • iterating a job
  • iterating a transformation

Working with Slowly Changing Dimensions


  • defining slowly changing dimensions
  • using the SCD Type 2 Loader and Lookup transformations
  • using the SCD Type 1 Loader transformations
  • introducing the Change Data Capture transformations (self-study)

Creating Custom Transformations


  • using the new transformation Wizard
  • using the new transformation wizard

Working with the Table Loader Transformations


  • exploring the basics of the Table Loader transformations
  • exploring the load styles of the Table Loader transformation
  • managing indexes and constraints during loading
  • exploring bulk loading for DBMS tables

Working with Databases


  • introduction to In-Database processing
  • using In-Database processing
  • exploring ELT processing
  • using DBMS functions

Additional Topics for SAS Data Integration Studio Users


  • overview
  • analyzing metadata using impact analysis
  • comparing tables
  • conditional execution
  • metadata promotion
  • version control
  • establishing checkpoints

Deploying Jobs


  • introduction
  • deploying jobs for scheduling
  • deploying jobs in batch
  • deploying jobs as stored processes

Implementing Data Quality Techniques (self-study)


  • verifying data quality settings
  • using the DataFlux transformation


november 27 (Monday) - 30 (Thursday)


New Horizons Ireland

Strand House, 22-24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1

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The Analytics