Duration: 1 Day

Overview: This course is designed as the first step for those who want to use JMP to manage, analyze, and explore data. Two case studies will be used to present typical data analysis issues that our students see. (The ecourse will have the same general content but with a different format.)

Learn how to:

  • bring data into JMP
  • ask questions of the data
  • manipulate and clean up any issues with the data
  • create formulas where necessary
  • create graphs and summary reports from the data.

Pre-requisites: Before attending this course, you should be familiar with working in a Mac or Microsoft Windows environment.  No prior knowledge of JMP is required. This course addresses JMP software.

Who: Anyone who wants to use JMP to manage and analyze data



  • creating a data table in JMP
  • setting modeling types
  • exploring data with the Graph Builder
  • using the Map function in Graph Builder

Wait Time Case Study

  • importing data from Excel
  • creating formulas
  • graphing data to answer questions
  • generating and presenting the results

Cell Growth Case Study

  • using graphs to identify potential data problems
  • graphing data to answer questions
  • using the Column Switcher to animate graphs
  • create new tables with Stack and Join
  • save output to a journal

Manufacturing Case Study (Optional)

  • identify questions to ask of data
  • create new tables to answer questions using Subset and Summary
  • save output to a journal