Business Manager: So, the training went well for you?

Data Analyst: Great. We did SAS code, segmentation, neural networks, everything.

Business Manager: So which of our customers might we lose?

Data Analyst: Well … I didn’t learn how to import our data.

Sometimes it’s difficult to take techniques you learn in a classroom setting and apply them to your business. If your organisation has invested heavily in analytics software tools, then your people need to know how to use them – but teaching people the tool is only half the battle. What you really need is a team that can apply what they learned in the classroom back in the real-world environment. Analytics should generate business knowledge that can be used by your decision makers: sales people, strategists, product designers, lenders, or brokers. Best practice training provides situated learning to your staff – learning that’s applicable in the real-world.

That’s why we offer customisable training solutions that offer a sound understanding of the tool, but then go beyond that. We also provide the theoretical context, and training in how to apply the analytical solutions to your business. We even offer solutions whereby we can utilise your organisation’s data for the training course itself, ensuring that your staff can apply their learning on Day 1 back in the office. And we will even mentor them to ensure that happens.

We excel at helping clients capitalise on their investment in analytics tools and that makes us the perfect training partner for SAS, the world-leading enterprise software for analytics. Last week we launched the only training partnership SAS has in their EMEA region.

Having made it official with SAS, we are now ready to work with you, our valued clients. We will work with you to develop a training plan that will advance the skills of your team and help you maximise your company’s ROI on SAS software. If you haven’t already worked with us then have a look at our training schedule to see the types of courses that are available, and remember that we can tailor them for you, even if you don’t know where to start. Just give Nina a ring on 01 631 6007, or pop into us on Merrion Square – we’d love to meet you (and we promise not to analyse you).

Now that’s New Generation Education.