Duration: 3 days

Overview: This training is appropriate for SAS Enterprise Miner 14.1. This course covers the skills that
are required to assemble analysis flow diagrams using the rich tool set of SAS Enterprise Miner for both
pattern discovery (segmentation, association, and sequence analyses) and predictive modeling (decision
tree, regression, and neural network models).

Pre-requisites: Before attending this course, you should be acquainted with Microsoft Windows and
Windows software. In addition, you should have at least an introductory-level familiarity with basic
statistics and regression modeling. Previous SAS software experience is helpful but not required.
This course addresses SAS Enterprise Miner software.

Who: Data analysts, qualitative experts, and others who want an introduction to SAS Enterprise Miner.

Outline: The course will explore the following topics through a series of interactive workshop sessions:

  • define a SAS Enterprise Miner project and explore data graphically
  • modify data for better analysis results
  • build and understand predictive models such as decision trees and regression models
  • compare and explain complex models
  • generate and use score code
  • apply association and sequence discovery to transaction data.