The ATrendnalytics Store has been working with Trend Micro, based in Cork, since March 2014, delivering analytics training and mentoring. They work with Marianne Lee who is Director of Analytics & Financial Planning and is responsible for the European analytics team.

While Marianne’s remit is for Europe, her boss had a global remit and when he saw what she was doing with her pilot analytics project, he wanted to see if it could be replicated at other key sites around the world. Marianne turned to The Analytics Store to assist with planning a similar training program for the global team as the one that had been delivered for Trend Micro in Cork.

‘One of Aoife and Brian’s major talents is simplifying very complex ideas depending on the level of the audience. They personalised the training depending on who they were talking to. This helped make the training a major success,’ Marianne Lee, Director of Analytics & Financial Planning, Trend Micro

Aoife and Brian from The Analytics Store developed a training programme that could be delivered to other analytics teams around the world. In 2014, 24 people from various Trend Micro offices attended a series of workshops and analytics technical training. The training was delivered using both online classrooms and face-to-face training on location in Taipei, Taiwan and San Francisco, US.

Following on from the classroom training Aoife and Brian worked with Trend Micro to set up an ‘Analytics Hackathon’ where staff, representing their countries, had to apply their training to a business problem. This gave staff an opportunity to practice their newly attained analytics skills on real-world business problems, but within a learning environment.

‘The idea was to let them demonstrate what they had learned in the training on real world business issues that they would be likely to face when they went back to their day jobs’, said Aoife D’Arcy. ‘This turned out to be a very successful way of showcasing the various ways people used analytics to solve the same problem. And it was a lot of fun.’

‘The Analytics Store was able to demonstrate how we could take what we have done in Ireland and reuse it at other Trend Micro sites,’ said Marianne Lee, Director of Analytics & Financial Planning, Trend Micro. ‘This enabled us initially to save money, but more importantly, we’re all on the same page. We’ve all have the same training; everyone is at a similar level of knowledge, experience and expertise.’

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